Solar PV at its simplest offers free energy from the sun.

This energy is clean, hence solar PV is a key part of the global answer to decarbonising the planet and tackling climate change. The only downside is the capital required to harness this free energy.

Let’s talk about the cost of a solar PV system

A lot has been made about the withdrawal of Government subsidies relating to solar installations.

Most recently the Feed-in-Tariff scheme was withdrawn. What has escaped the notice of many people is that solar panel prices have fallen dramatically and that when this is taken into account, solar is looking financially more attractive than ever. It is fair to say that solar offers you the opportunity to save money and carbon, profiling your business or organisation as positively engaged in tackling climate change.

Dealing with climate change means saying good-bye to gas and oil and a big hello to electricity.

Gas and oil (including diesel and petrol) are the fossil fuels at the heart of the climate emergency. Clean energy sources are almost entirely to do with the production of electricity – hydro, solar, tidal and wind all produce electricity. Your business or organisation will see more and more of your energy coming from electricity and those electric bills will shoot up as a consequence. The attraction of a solar PV system to produce your own free electricity is obvious.

Designing and financing your solar PV system

We are experts in assessing the correct solar PV system size for you. It is a complex calculation, given that sunshine levels vary so much across the calendar year.

Once we have an agreed system size we use our independence to price the system for you and then offer you financing options, including our popular ‘cash-flow neutral’ lending for businesses and free install on a ‘shared profit’ basis for organisations.