With 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from transport, it is no surprise to see Government policies shifting to support the take-up of electric vehicles.

Probably the greatest hurdle to overcome to see a mass take-up of electric vehicles relates to charging. With charging times of six hours plus it is no longer a matter of popping into a filling station.

Many people will be able to charge their vehicles at home but with over 25% of the population having no off-street parking, they will look to their workplace to charge. Indeed, some people will be influenced in terms of their choice of employer by the availability of EV charging. In addition, people will need to charge ‘on the go’, including your visitors. Workplace charging is a critical part of the move to electric vehicles.

Once you start to think about workplace charging, the matter can become complex. It’s when we can start to help:

  • Looking at your likely demand for charge points (on a single or multiple site basis)

  • Ensuring the charge points have adequate power to charge the vehicles using them

  • Locating the best position for the charge points (on a single or multiple site basis)

  • Ensuring the software supporting each charge point gives you control over users, their electric consumption and if appropriate, securing payment for their charging

  • Recommending a suitable charge point manufacturer, with quality hardware and a full suite of software applications

  • Pricing the entire installation, including ground works, cabling, electrical installation and software management system

  • Advising on OLEV grants and drawing your finance team’s attention to attractive terms for capital allowances and ‘P11D – Benefit in Kind’ rates for company supplied electric vehicles

  • If required, designing and pricing a solar PV system to reduce long-run electricity costs

  • Looking at financing options for the installation(s) including monthly rental and ‘for FREE!’