Let us partner you through the growing Electric Vehicle charging maze.

In a fast moving world, we offer over 40 years experience of commercial energy supply, with increasing emphasis on two sectors: electric vehicle charging and solar PV installations.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is experiencing exponential increase in demand. Given the growth of take-up of EVs, the demise of diesel/petrol based car sales, both set against the ever present backdrop of climate change, there is an immediate need for any business or organisation to address EV charging.  Easier said than done, we appreciate that.  Whatever timeline you think of for EVs to fully replace diesel/petrol the consequences are dramatic. Your car parks will become charging hubs for customers, staff and suppliers. How many EV charging spaces are needed? Where do you locate them? Who pays? What are the issues about the associated electric loads because the computers and lights still need to run, even when everyone is charging their vehicles? What are the tax issues?

And make solar PV a part of your solution

What we can all agree on is that EV charging means a higher electric bill. This brings solar PV into the equation. Maybe you once saw solar as a ‘nice to have’. Now, faced with escalating electric bills it becomes more fundamental to your energy strategy.

Welcome to your world. An energy world we understand and can partner you through, so you can get on with focusing on the development of your business or organisation.